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Work safety

Consciously safe behaviour

Module 1 | Evaluation of the actual situation

Evaluation of the current situation. A thorough evaluation guarantees the right strategy.

1.1 Behaviour-related accident analysis (analysis of the facts)
Focus: analysis of unconscious wrong actions

1.2 Site visit and Audit of Potential (external view)
Safety standards and quality of working behaviour

1.3 Survey of quality and stability of safety culture (internal view)
We assess the quality and stability of the local safety culture by using a standardized questionnaire.

Module 2 | Optimization of the safety culture

From the very beginning, all levels of the company hierarchy are engaged in optimising the safety culture

The results of the evaluation survey are discussed during so-called Dialogue Workshops involving all levels of the company:

  • Assessment of results
  • Creation of common understanding of safety
  • Supporting safety as a leadership and team task
  • Continued successful development of safety culture

The results of the dialogue workshops form the basis for subsequent consultancy and training measures.

Module 3 | Definition of the role in occupational safety

Definition of the role individual groups play in safety

  • The role which the different hierarchical levels of a company play when it comes to safety depends on local conditions.

  • These roles are defined taking into account the results of the evaluation and of the dialogue workshops.

  • They provide direction for future management and leadership behaviour.

Module 4 | Safety leadership principles

Safety-focussed leadership behaviour

During our training sessions, we explore the practical application of six leadership principles:

  • Leading through values (safety first!)
  • Leading by personal example
  • Leading through information and communication
  • Leading through motivation & feedback
  • Leading through orientation and guidance
  • Leading through participation

A lot of practice and less theory: Using practical methods and exercises participants learn how to successfully implement the leadership principles.

Safe unconscious behaviour patterns

Module 5 | Safe unconscious behaviour patterns

We make the causes of unconscious behaviour conscious and practice safe behaviour patterns.

Unconscious errors such as ...

1 Not perceiving a danger at all or perceiving it wrongly
2 Looking in the wrong place while walking, climbing and moving
3 Not controlling movements or doing this in the wrong way
4 Not controlling reflex actions
5 Not coordinating work behaviour properly

... turn into safe unconscious behaviour patterns

1 Focussed perception of hazards
2 Safe walking, ascending and climbing
3 Controlling movements safely
4 Avoiding dangerous reflexes
5 Safe coordination of work processes during new and routine tasks


Module 6 | Success and sustainability

Sustainability is the key to our concept

Training of internal consultants and supporters

  • The safety coordinator (SHE department) is in charge of coordination, monitoring and support on site
  • Safety Coaches ensure continued application and training at the plant

Sustainability Tools
Safety as a leadership task

  • Peer to peer assessment and advice
    This tool allows leaders to support each other when it comes to safety
  • Employee-Feedback
    Leaders receive feedback on their safety leadership behaviour

Creation of safe unconscious behaviour patterns

  • Sustainability checks
    These allow participants to practice safe unconscious behaviour patterns
  • Sustainability training
    These implement safe behaviour patterns in daily working processes

Tool-Box Flash Cards

  • Enable a quick and regular refresh or the main points of the IBS training sessions

Hazard and prevention map

  • This map serves as a compass towards avoiding accidents
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