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Process Safety

Behaviour-based process, plant and environmental safety


Errors in the process can have serious consequences for the plant or environmental protection. Avoiding this and guaranteeing safe and correct processes is a particular focus of the chemical, petrochemical as well as gas and oil industries.

The biggest danger comes from unconscious errors on the part of the employees.
Innovative Behavioural Safety® enables your employees to avoid such errors und to work safely and correctly.

This will lead to major improvements in process, plant and environmental safety.

Milestones on the way to error-free and conscious, safe working processes:

Module 1 | Evaluation

1.1 Optimisation of key competencies

  • Which key competencies are important to ensure error-free and safe working behaviour during the process
  • Where is a need for improvement

1.2 Evaluation of possible faulty actions in specific situations

  • Which unconscious errors could occur
  • How can these be systematically avoided
Module 2 | Tailor-made consultancy and training concept

2.1 Selection of sample working processes for optimisation training sessions

  • The sample processes are carefully chosen
  • The concrete goals of the optimisation process for these processes are defined

2.2 Selection of Safety Coaches and creation of a training plan

  • Safety Coaches are announced. Their role is the implementation of sustainability measures.
  • Definition of training plan for Safety Coaches

Consciously safe behavior

Module 3 | Further optimisation of the Safety Culture

3.1 Definition and implementation of individual roles when it comes to ensuring process, plant and environmental safety

When it comes to a work process which is as safe as possible each employee has to know their role and be able to fulfil these requirements.

  • We define and communicate the expectations we have of these roles
  • Team engagement for the safety of the process and the plant becomes part of our daily actions

3.2 Leadership task „process, plant and environmental safety“

  • They promote a sense of responsibility for the safety of the process and the plant und support their employees in developing this

Safe unconscious behaviour patterns

Module 4 | Safe and error-free working on site

The causes of unconscious mistakes in action become conscious and the safe action patterns are practiced:

4.1 Perceiving deviations and hazards in good time

  • The workshop enables participants to perceive deviations and hazards better and more quickly and to optimise checking the process and the plant.

4.2 Correct and appropriate behaviour patterns when handling critical situations

  • When it comes to critical situations employees must have the appropriate competence to handle the situation safely.
  • We ensure the right behaviour in relevant situations.

4.3 Error-free working during routine tasks

  • Routine tasks lead us to pay less attention and increase the danger of acting in the wrong way.
  • The workshop shows the hidden dangers of routine tasks and teaches how to avoid these.

4.4 Consciously avoiding errors due to similarity or confusion with something else

  • Swapping tasks between similar work processes increases the danger of confusion and operating errors.
  • The employees learn and practice simple measures for consciously eliminating faulty actions in such situations.


Module 5 | Continuous optimisation of process safety

Sustainability is the trademark of our consulting:

We will gradually introduce our workshops and methods into your company.
For this purpose, IBS will train internal coaches.

  1. The safety coordinator (SHE department)
    Coordination, support and monitoring of the process

  2. Safety Coaches
    On-site training and ensuring a sustainable and continuous improvement process


  • Sustainability checks for ensuring the correct behaviour patterns
  • Sustainability workshops to ensure safe and correct working processes
  • Short and regular refreshes of the most important behaviour patterns
  • Constant optimisation of process safety through systematic observation and evaluation of working processes
  • Prevention map as an orientation aid for employees
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