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International Consulting

Our management team


Bruno Schmäling

Dipl. Soz. Päd.
Manager for Occupational Safety
Founder & CEO


Prof. Dr. Christian Callo

Founder & Scientific Director


Christin Eder

Pad. (FAKS)

Managing Director:
IBS Central Europe

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Richard Fischer

MA Social Science, MA Law,
Manager for Occupational Safety

Managing Director:


Gerado Vera-Soto

Dipl.Theo., Dipl Phil. Dipl. Soz.Päd.,
Manager for Occupational Safety

Managing Director:
IBS-South Europe & Latin America

International Consulting


Thomas Klaholz

Partner & Principal Consultant

Feedback from our customers: ”IBS does not do the kind of workplace safety trainings you expect – they do the kind you have always wanted.”

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Carmen von Hänisch

Partner, Representative
& Principal Consultant
IBS United Kingdom, Ireland & International

Feedback from a client: ”IBS training is fun without making fun of safety.”


Kurt Allmer

Representative & Principal Consultant
IBS Austria

"IBS practical training provides you with tools and insights that help you detect risks and risky behaviours and follow the ‘better safe than sorry’ principle in your busy work day. It works and you’re worth it."


Heike Saxer-Taylor

Principal Consultant
IBS United Kingdom, Ireland
& International

"IBS training goes beyond rules and regulations and focusses on what really matters – the human being."


Melissa Sharon

Representative & Senior Consultant
IBS USA/Canada

"Zero accidents are achievable and we work altogether with clients to make it happen."



Tian Qiu

Representative & Senior Consultant
IBS China

"Go to work happily, get home safely."


Adel Arab

Principal Consultant
IBS West Europe/North Africa

"Hand in hand with companies to create value without any kind of human losses, this is our mission, our challenge."

Meet Adel in:


Martin Olbrich

Principal Consultant

"Health and safety is the highest asset of a human being. To obtain and preserve this high standard, Occupational Safety has to have absolute priority in any company."


Prof. Dr. Andreas Rissler

Representative & Lead Consultant
IBS South Africa & International

"With Innovative Behavioural Safety, all hierarchic levels intuitively understand the priority of safety in your company and behave accordingly."


Marcel Schmäling

Partner & Lead Consultant

"Creating enthusiasm for workplace safety on all levels is the most satisfying job that I know."


Sabrina Klopf

Senior Consultant
IBS Austria

"Safety at work is the highest priority. Only by protecting our employees from harm can we keep them motivated and productive."


Radek Walentynowicz

Representative & Senior Consultant
IBS Poland, Russia, Ukraine

"If safety is on the first place everything else is in a correct order."


Mustafa Samet Özkan

Representative & Senior Consultant
IBS Turkey

"The high quality of workplace safety is the key to business success."


Clemens von Hänisch

Senior Consultant
Germany, UnitedKingdom, Ireland

"Safety is always expected but never guaranteed. Don´t learn the right choices by accident."

Meet Clemens in:


Marco Bernini

Representative & Senior Consultant
IBS Italy

"A company only profits if high value is placed on safety in the workplace."


George Rusu

Representative & Senior Consultant
IBS Romania

"Keep yourself and the environment safe - you will for sure enjoy life and our surroundings for longer. "


Julian Eder

Senior Consultant

"Working safely is a higher good. It creates trust, dedication, motivation and job satisfaction, which are valuable resources for any company. "


José Maria López-Werner

Senior Consultant
IBS Spain and Portugal

"IBS Concept, simply in appearance but deep scientific based. Successful for a culture change, all my own experience."


Saskia Seestaller

Senior Consultant

"Not only the employer is happy about safe working employees, but also the family is happy about a healthy homecoming."


Ralf Haupts

Senior Consultant

"IBS offers your company 30 years of experience."

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Anna Kaposvári

Representative & Senior Consultant
IBS Hungary

"30 years of experience guarantee our joint success ensures the sustainability of the results achieved."

Meet Anna in:


Roman Chudoba

Senior Consultant
IBS Czech Republic

"Working safely may get old, but so do those who practise it!"


Olga Sergeeva

Senior Consultant
IBS Russia

"Workplace safety is a prerequisite for a business to develop and sustainably thrive."


Samuel Hennequin

Senior Consultant
IBS France

"Your organization can create sustained safety awareness and commitment to accident prevention. The IBS support by highly experienced and professional behavioral trainers makes it possible."


Gordana Taĉković

& Senior Consultant
IBS Croatia, Serbia,

"My target in safety: To train and motivate people, that they can work without hazards, risk or injuries."


Silke Waidacher

Senior Consultant
IBS Austria

"Occupational safety is more than being free from accidents - it is the basis of operational success."


Arnaldo Lincoln Azevedo

& Lead Consultant
IBS Brazil

"Your organization can create sustained safety awareness and commitment to accident prevention. The IBS support by highly experienced and professional behavioral trainers makes it possible."


Paulo de Tarso Azevedo

Senior Consultant
IBS Brazil

"The safe behaviour is the basis of the whole safety system."

Our administrative team


Kerstin Schmäling


Digitalreprint GmbH

Printing & Design


Helgard Herrmann

Evaluation & Statistics


Miriam Schmäling

Social Media Manager

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