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01.04.2020 12:33
by Carmen von Haenisch

How we can all help to change the world for the better

Let‘s have a look at the IBS Leadership principles to explore how we can all be leaders in health and safety - not just at the workplace but also in our daily lives.

Leading by value

We lead by value whether we like it or not. Our values (and we all have them even though we might not be aware of them) strongly influence our behaviour, which also means that people around us can deduce our belief system by observing our actions. As long as our values are dictated by egocentric needs like „I need to make money“, „I have to win“, „ I have to be the best“ nothing much will change in our close or more distant environment. The shift needs to be towards „we need to survive“, „we need to care for each other and the environment“, „we need to stick together“.

Currently there are news about both trends everywhere. The richest man made even more money through the up and down of the stock market, hedge funds are raking in money on the back of companies going bust, people are looting schools and nurseries while there is less staff or while they are closed, crooks are robbing elderly of money by pretending to be helpful and abusing vulnerability.
And then there are the more positive news that 400.000 + people have signed up in the UK to offer their help to the most vulnerable in our society. Neighbourhoods are moving closer together (virtually) and helping each other with shopping, sharing stories and jokes, and checking on elderly. Companies are offering free time or apps for free (e.g. yoga and sports, connectivity time on Zoom, coaching and counselling).

This is a time when most things have slowed down and it is a fantastic opportunity for us to reflect on our individual moral system: what is important, where am I now and where do I want to go and how can my actions now and in future have a useful impact on the people around us?

What are your values around health (mental and physical) and how would people around you realise that?

What are your values around safety and what does that even mean for you in the context of your daily life?

Are your actions aligned with what you consider to be your value system?

We would love to hear from you out there and for you to share your stories so that we can learn from each other.

More soon on leading by personal example.


Carmen von Haenisch
Partner, Representative
& Principal Consultant
IBS United Kingdom, Ireland & International

Institut Bruno Schmaeling Consulting Group


Carmen von Haenisch

Partner, Representative
& Principal Consultant

IBS United Kingdom, Ireland & International

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